December 21, 2004

Egyptians on the Nile Lesson Plan

We did a chapter from Story of the World for history this week and had a great time with it. We learned about early Egyptians living along the Nile. We read the story, Rhia narrated it and then we did some map work. Placing the tribes and kings in their right location and then discussing the war that happened between the white and red crowned kings. I had the kids make crowns and swords out of construction paper and then they "dueled" out the history lesson letting the white king win and take the red crown to make the "double crown". They had a good time and I think it really brought the lesson home for them. We are currently discussing whether or not to do the other project which is to build a Nile replica. With it being winter it would need to be inside and with two dogs and Sirah we are not yet convinced it will work, will update you on our decision.

Rhiannon is really enjoying Story of the World, she claims recently that it is her favorite subject behind reading. The lessons are short but detailed yet easy for a child to remember and their activity book is key it offers great ideas to do and springboard from. We are moving slower through it than I had anticipated but we started at a younger age and we are moving at our own pace enjoying the lessons before we move on.


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