December 28, 2004

Tsunami Relief - Please Help

Most of you are well aware of the recent disaster in Asia from the largest earthquake to hit in the past 40 years and the devastating tsunamis that followed. Death totals range from 11,000-15,000 at the time of this writing. For more information read this, this and this.

Please do more than just read about it though. Pray, volunteer and donate if you are able. I recommend World Relief because it is targeted assistance. World Relief is providing immediate assistance which includes:

"Your gift today will rush food and Family Survival Kits to Asian countries affected by the December 26 earthquake and tsunami and provide other relief as needed.

Each kit provides things like blankets, tarps for temporary shelter, water purification tablets and cooking supplies. We will also provide other critically needed relief response, such as food or medicine, where needs arise."

The Red Cross will of course get involved as well and you can donate to them (though the donation goes straight to the general fund whereas World Vision delegates it directly to the current crisis). I am sure there are many other great organizations that will rise to offer assistance. Please add any you know of in the comments section.

Do what you can to help. Recall how the world came to our side in the days following September 11, 2001. Let us come to the aid of the thousands of people who lost a loved one or are hurt or dying themselves. Remember when you die two things that say a lot about you are your checkbook and your calendar, where will you spend your money, time and energy?

UPDATEDeath totals over 20,000 now and CNN has posted a list of several agencies you can utilize to help out. Check it out.

UPDATEDeath totals over 70,000 now and CNN has the followuing list agencies you can utilize to help out.

Action Against Hunger
ADRA International
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.
>American Red Cross
Association for India's Development
Catholic Relief Services
Christian Children's Fund
Church World Service
Direct Relief International
Doctors Without Borders
Food for the Hungry, Inc.
International Aid
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Medical Corps
International Rescue Committee
Lutheran World Relief
MAP International
Mercy Corps
Network for Good
Operation Blessing
Operation USA
Oxfam America
Plan USA
Project Concern International
Save the Children USA
U.N. World Food Programme
World Concern

Personally I can not recommend all of these and would again urge you to consider donating directly through World Vision but there are many resources available out there to help.


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