December 31, 2004

Year in Review - Rhiannon

Rhiannon's biggest achievement this year has been learning to read! YAY! This was a big step for her because she LOVES being read to and can now read to herself more, though I still read quite a bit. While she began reading skills at 4, it was just shortly before her 5th birthday that she made the breakthrough and now she reads pretty proficiently for her age. She loves reading and will read several shorter books aloud to me each day. It is by far her favorite subject and the one she almost always chooses when given the chance. She will read to her siblings, to me or Serona, her grandparents, to her dolls and just to herself. You can see her current reading list in my monthly reading list post.

Any of my regular readers have seen her progression over the year. Homeschooling has been going well. We have been working through Phonics Pathways, Story of the World, Abc Verses: Hiding God's Words in Little Hearts, First Language Lessons and Miquon Math. In addition we have been doing letter of the week lessons for science, history, handwriting and other lessons. We have studied Beethoven and Mary Cassat. We've listened to many different books on tape unabridged and listened to hundreds of storybooks.

This year she has developed closer friendships, memorized several poems, given an Irish Step Dance Performance, learned to color in the lines, advanced in her art skills, mastered her two wheeler, learned to swing by herself. She began dictating blogs outloud to me and her faith has increased tremendously.

Rhiannon loves to read, play dress up (especially as a princess), live in an imaginary world with her brother, play with playsilks, dinosaurs and her dolls and dollhouse. She discovered that she has "agrativity" a medical condition that prevents her from falling asleep before midnight unless someone is sleeping next to her to balance the gravity in her brain. She informed us of this condition which she discovered and named herself.

It has been a great year with her and I look forward to the upcoming year. We have truly been enjoying our homeschool journey and look forward to all the future brings us. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Your children have all grown so much this year, in many ways. Reading, first friends, walking, all those firsts! Isn't it fun?-Missy