December 29, 2004

Kid's Choice

Today I decided to give the kids complete choice (for the most part) over what we did and when. They surprised me in some of their choices, I admit to fearing a day of videos and video games, but I was wrong. This morning we made waffle sticks together, it was chaotic but fun and tasty. Then we played a new Christmas game, Finding Nemo. Ciaran won and he was so excited.

Then we made model desert with a paper plate, sand, and model magic. They formed snakes, cactuses, lizards, frogs (I tried explaining but lost), and volcanoes??? out of the model magic then glued it to the bottom of the plate and covered it with glue and then sand and left it to dry. Tomorrow we will paint or use markers to add some color. We reviewed some things about Iraq as this was a coop project that we were catching up on.

The kids had some free play time while I nursed Sirah and then it was lunchtime, Sunflower Butter and Jelly sandwiches with apples and something else I have forgotten and apple juice (a treat for them as they are usually limited to water or soy milk). Some reading time and then we watched a free educational video we received from the American Kennel Club on Dog Safety. I thought it was not that well done but the kids really enjoyed it and learned from it. Rhiannon did some followup work in a book they sent with the video.

Naptime for Sirah and Ciaran. Rhiannon and I had reading time, she read two books to me while I crocheted on the couch in the library. The last book she read was about different types of houses. She decided to make a book, she wrote and illustrated about different kinds of houses. She typed the name of the house then dictated some lines to me and I typed, we printed it out and she drew the pictures to go with it. It turned out nice.

Then Rhiannon and I played Sorry Card Revenge, kind of a cross between sorry and uno. It was fun though she was sad that I won, she had to deal with losing two games in one day which is not always easy for her. She handled it well though.

We headed upstairs to make dinner and Sirah and Ciaran both woke up from their naps. We made spaghetti and butternut squash while we played an imaginary game. I spoke in a different voice and called them by different names and used an accent and they were more than willing to help me with the chores of dinner, cooking, cleaning and setting. Serona came home and I headed out the door to the library by myself (Hooray) to get some books for next week's lessons and some sanity time.

I was impressed at the children's choices today, when they could have chosen anything they often chose educational activities and had a great time doing it. We had a good day all in all.


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