December 14, 2004

Forest Lesson Plan and Resources

This is a GREAT free kit about the life of the forest. It includes some great posters that we hang up on our walls and some smaller ones and a lesson guide. It is wonderful and I recommend it. Visit Life of the Forest.



  1. Hey, Tenniel. Thanks for posting the Washington and Forest links. I've placed our orders.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tips regarding the Washington poster and the Life of the Forest materials! We love getting mail!!

    Getting to know you...reading down your page...we may be kindred spirits!

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Thanks for your link to the Life of the Forest materials. It looks like an excellent kit, and I've placed our order. I've been reading your site for a while now, I'm a Canadian homeschooling mom with 5- and 8-year-old daughters, and I just wanted to tell you that reading about all the creative things that you do with your children inspires me to do more with mine. Keep up the good work!