December 30, 2004

Daily Round-up

This more counted at physical education. Rhiannon tried out her new Ballet Home Studio and worked on learning her positions and then dancing, she had fun. Insread of a tutu she wore this fairy costume and a tiara.

Ciaran was wearing his tree frog costume and trying to do it as well, Sirah sat on my lap. Then Ciaran got his exercise by jumping and hopping like a frog on our trampoline. After our workout we had a snack and some stroy time. We began Black Beauty as a read aloud today and read several other small stories.

We had lunch and took a group nap, wonderful! It was much needed as we are all recovering from being sick, right now I have it the worst. Rhiannon read to me while I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened up. Music this afternoon, listening and dancing to Mozart with playsilks and playing the harmonica.

Fun family trip to Costco scheduled for this afternoon with handwriting practice and math file folder game in the car. We need to get supplies for Serona's upcoming 30th birthday party, wine and cheese, yum!


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