December 11, 2004

Thanks for Your Patience - Blogging to Resume

We had an outstanding visit with Serona's parents. Much of schooling was put on hold for the week they were here. What better way to utilize the flexibility offered by homeschooling than to allow the kids to enjoy their week with their grandparents who they only see once a year or so.

We did try to keep up with some read alouds and Rhiannon's reading time. We also snuck in a few activities the kids enjoyed here and there when we could. We managed to do our "G box" and had fun reviewing it for the grandparents. Now we will be moving into Christmas activities, making presents and Christmas cards and the like. I figure if I involve the kids the likelihood of me getting cards and presents finished and out on time increases.

We are also planning a literature class for our support group. We are hosting a "Stone Soup" event next week at our house. Each child is bringing an ingredient and we will make the soup together and read the book, along with a few other activities I come up with.

Still going on our Classroom Care list sponsored by Scholastic Books. For every 100 books you read they donate 100 books. This is a nice and easy service project for our family as we are always reading together. We are over 300 books right now.


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