December 20, 2004

SOTW Narration: Egyptians on the Nile

The Egyptians lived on the Nile River in Africa. The red king and the white king had fights. The white king won, defeated I mean the red king and took his crown away and put the red crown over his own white crown and announced that he was the king over all of egpyt. That one had a white spike in the middle and a red covering around it. The Nile river flooded their crops. The farmers were unhappy because when the Nile River came in it would wash away their crops. But the Nile farmers liked the river because when it came up it took dirt from the bottom that's called silt and silt had vitamins in the soil for the crops to stay healthy.

Where is the Nile River - In Africa
What country did the Nile run through - Egypt
What did the Nile do every year - wash away the crops. (I correct her) - it came up every year and flooded
Why was this important - to bring water to their crops and soli for the dry seasons.
What were the two tribes who lived in Egypt called - she did not recall then I spurred with Upper - she said upper and lower egyptians
Who ruled them - the red king and the white king
were they friends - nope
who won the battle - the white one
what kind of crown - with a white spike and a red band around - a double crown.

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