December 12, 2004


The Geminid meteor shower is unerway with a peak on Monday night. Be sure to check it out! The following is a summary from

"The Geminid meteor shower is underway. Observers who watched the skies on Saturday night (Dec. 11th) and Sunday morning (Dec 12th) report seeing plenty of faint Geminids and a few bright ones every hour. This bodes well for the Geminid peak on Monday, Dec. 13th.

The shower's peak is broad, which means there might be two good displays: (1) during the dark hours before sunrise on Monday, Dec. 13th, and (2) later the same day during the hours after sunset. If forecasters are correct, Geminids will be most numerous around midnight Dec. 13th-14th."


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  1. ...durned fog...we had perfectly clear skies the last several days; now that you inform us of the meteor shower: thick fog! Feh.