January 5, 2004

Back in the Saddle Again... Well we started back up now after a VERY long hiatus. It was a good morning beginning, I wanted to go slow to ease them into everything. We started out with a bible memory verse in the library and a story to help us understand it. I really enjoy the resource we are using for this Susan Hunt's "My ABC Bible Verses" it is helpful and easy to follow and my kids really seem to relate to it. Today we reviewed a verse we memorized awhile ago Proverbs 15:1 and learned Matthew 5:9.

Then we headed into the schoolroom where Ciaran played with a pegboard with Rhiannon and I worked on handwriting the letter A upper and lowercase and then brainstormed words that began with the letter A. We did a little phonics work in the style of Phonics Pathways on the letter A. Then she took a break and played with a wooden pattern sorter - you make tangrams into shapes and pictures. Ciaran had now moved onto playing with clay. Rhia and I sat down on the couch with Sirah and read the bible story of creation and talked about each day and what was made. Then we played a game I found online - with cutouts that I have laminated where she matches pictures that describe what God made on each day. It was fun, the set also included the actual scripture so I could read it and then she matched it. She felt just like she was playing rather than learning. Then she wanted some free art time so she colored while I nursed Sirah and talked with Ciaran.

Then she wanted to practice her letters so we printed out her bible verse in manuscript letters from this great site and she wrote that. She was getting frustrated with it but I made her finish it and she was glad when she accomplished it. Then we decided to take a break and have snack. I decided to take on my media company _again_ about our terrible internet service and the kids asked very nicely if they could watch a short movie while I was on the phone. I agreed and was glad I did, I get so frustrated with this media company and I am pretty fed up with the bad connection we keep getting. I thought I would take a minute to blog and relax.

This afternoon's schedule includes science and math, nature notebook and an introduction to Vivaldi - who will be our composer for the next few weeks or months. We will also be trying out our new Roomba. There are many advantages to being married to a techie! I'll give you a full report later.


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