January 29, 2004

Preschool... Yesterday was our second preschool class at our home. We have four children ages near the age of 3, three boys and a girl. With siblings we end up with 10 children in the house! But three of them are infants so for the time being it is pretty manageable. One of the moms taught a lesson on the seasons and then the kids made snowflakes out of paper. It was interesting to watch them all with scissors. It was certainly cold enough to explain winter to them with temps staying negative all day before the windchill!

Overall yesterday went better than the week before, the kids are paying more attention and seemed to concentrate for short spurts. I think it will get progressively better, after all they are young. If nothing else it is nice for them to be making friends their own age and feeling like they are the ones with a special activity (as several have older siblings) planned just for them. It is nice to spend time focusing on kids that age and I always love the answers they come up with and watching them learn.


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