January 23, 2004

Good Habits... Thank goodness for having developed some healthy habits or my kids would not have gotten much out of today. Between Ciaran cracking an egg purposefully inside my fridge and his half hour temper tantrum I felt like I was losing my mind. But still Vivaldi played, Monet was available for viewing and their entertainment options were limited enough that they chose to do a stages of life butterfly puzzle, sew, string beads and build with their blocks. Rhainnon wanted to read us all another story and Ciaran asked to do flash cards. This is all good because I don't think I had any creativity left in me. Sirah has been sleeping nearly all day (as long as she is in a sling or backpack on me) and it is quiet time for the kids. I am thinking leftovers for dinner and folding laundry are on the agenda now. I suppose it is good to have days like these once in awhile.

We all got a second wind this evening and Rhiannon practiced her dolch sight words flash cards - she got pretty stuck on that and of - but otherwise did pretty well with the basic 10. Rhia also worked on lacing cards and Ciaran helped clean and cook. We had some special reading time on our new couch until Sirah could take it no longer and then it was dinner time and now they are getting ready for bed - an early night in hopes of Serona and I spending some time together.

Hope you have a good weekend.


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