January 21, 2004

Daily Round-up... Sirah is sick and I spent most of the day holding her and tending to her needs. I tried to work in as much as I could around this. Rhia worked on phonics - she is really enjoying and making progress in her consonant blends and ending sounds of words. She practiced writing numbers 1-10 and counting groups of objects. We finished Kirsten An American girl today and she "taught" our science class about the earth and the moon and landing on the moon with a lunar module. She drew on the whiteboard and described the process and then made me hold a rock as the moon while she demonstrated how to land on it with her own dime. It was cute, fun and she really seemed to understand and explain it well.

We practiced reciting our nursery rhymes - their current favorite is "Hot Cross Buns". We read Dr Suess ABC's and did some phonics jumping on our big floor mat. Ciaran and I practiced letter recognition and sounds and the read an old edition of Animal Baby, played the games and identified the animals. We did flash cards at his request on shapes, colors, numbers, weather and directions.

They made a house, then a fort, then an animal cave out of a big cardboard box. They made it rain money - then practiced cooperation and persistence for the near half hour it took to clean up, while I practiced patience. They asked me to play tetris so they could watch (no joke), we ate tofu, pasta and popcorn for lunch and took a family nap.

It was a wonderful but exhausting day - it is amazing how much energy holding a 5 month old sick baby takes from you. She is almost asleep in the sling as I type this standing at my kitchen counter - doing the mommy sway.


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