January 29, 2004

Today's activities... We've had a good morning - no formal schooltime but it is just too cold outside and the kids are too full of beans that I've just decided to have one of those work the teachable moments into the day kind of days. We started off with a video which was all children's praise and worship songs that allowed them to dance, sing and follow simple directions. Then while I cleaned up from the morning Rhiannon worked on some simple workbook sheets on phonics, short A and handwriting. Then she listened to part of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" by CS Lewis - this book on tape has gotten a lot of mileage in the past two weeks! Together we played some board games including the sausage game and then bird game from Ravensburger First Games series (excellent games for young ones). Ciaran played Discovery Toys what's that sound game. Rhiannon played Little People and Ciaran made designs with tangrams. We made brownies together (working math skills in) and then the kids did some puzzles. Rhiannon has done some reading including a bob book and some more from her current Primary Phonics book (she doesn't have the patience to make it straight through these books anymore - they are about 13 pages long now with several sentences a page). They are finishing out the morning with some Model Magic making puppets for a puppet show we will do later. They are still begging me to go outside, but it is negative 15 before the windchill.


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