January 19, 2004

Overview of recent days... We have done too much lately to recap it all so I'll just hit some of the highlights. We are listening to and learning about Vivaldi - current piece "The Four Seasons". We are also studying Monet and have looked at three works so far. We have visited a model train museum and studied space and astronauts. We are reading "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls and the plethora of books we check out of the library. Our bible memorization is going very well and we are working through Phonics Pathways - blends now. We are also working on number recognition and counting to 100 for Rhiannon and 10 for Ciaran. Those are some of the highlights atleast.

It has been too cold to be outside much, so we have spent a lot of time setting up the new home and settling in. We are slowly formulating routines and figuring out our new spaces. We are very happy with the move, it has been a good one for us.

Our homeschool group recently did a group class on Jamie Lee Curtis book "Letting Off a Little Self-esteem, I'm gonna like me". We had a fabulous time at the class. The kids drew their bodies on posters and each took turns looking into a mirror and saying why they were special, it was very touching and interesting to hear the kids responses. Rhiannon said "Because my daddy calls me a princess" and Ciaran said "because I love Jesus". The class went really well even with a large age difference. We look forward to more of them.

We have started a pre-school cooperative for Ciaran and will meet regularly. I am glad to be doing something that focuses on him as I often feel he gets dragged along to things we are doing for Rhia. He has several friends and I look forward to seeing how those relationships develop.

Sirah is sitting up very well and loves to be a part of it all. She enjoys her jumper and riding in either the backpack or the sling. She is not the world's best sleeper but I figure that will come in time and if she learns to sleep through the night consistently before she is 3 1/2 she will have Rhiannon beat. On the other hand Ciaran is my sleeper - he will actually ask to go to sleep.

All in all we are doing well and are happy to be up online again.


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