January 30, 2004

Glenn Reynolds on Education... Many of you may be familiar with his InstaPundit blog, but he also has GlennReynolds.com. Yesterday he blogged on some of the problems with our education system. From his piece:

"In other words, the school administrators don't want their students to aim high. We're not going to hold our own against the Indians, the Chinese, and the rest of the world that way.

The educational system is broken. It's been broken for so long that it's easy to tune out stories like this, but in fact, the damage that is being done is significant, and as America's lead over the rest of the world erodes, ignoring that damage is getting far more costly. It's time that the subject gets more attention -- and, even more importantly, action."

Read the whole commentary here.


Tip of the hat to daryl for the link.

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