January 20, 2004

Enterprising Teen... Now as many of you know I am not a huge Microsoft fan. Though I have had to admit that I sadly need to keep windows on atleast one of my machines because Linux is simply not compatible enough with what I use my computer for. Still I am enjoying the Mike Rowe story.

This teen bought the domain name MikeRowesoft.com - his name is Mike Rowe and now Microsoft is trying to take the domain name from him - claiming they are protecting their trademark. The most appalling part of it all - is when Microsoft sent him a cease and desist letter and he said no - they offered him $10.00. Come on people!!!! What was I just saying about not taking kids serious enough? What a joke and how offensive to offer him 10. I hope that he wins and Microsoft backs down. I believe they are overstepping their boundaries - I mean it is HIS name after all. Of course I am not a lawyer.

Anyway you can see his website and read his story there. His site has had so many recent hits he needed to shut it down for a time. So visit and support him in whatever way you can and get the word out!


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