January 26, 2004

Snowed In... We are all hunkering down and enjoying the snowfall. Serona even decided to work from home and is tucked away downstairs in our office. We have had a good weekend setting things up around the house, getting our home network working and setting up our new wireless Lyra that transfers computer radio and mp3s to our surrond sound system. I really realized how blessed we are and how wired of a family we are. I type this blog entry from the computer on our kitchen counter, listening to classical streaming music while Roomba cleans the bedroom floors. Serona is working from home downstairs on our network listening to some loud streaming music through his headphones and there are classical and world music mp3s playing in the schoolroom while the kids have some free playtime and Sirah is asleep on the bed. We truly are blessed and I love being a wired household.

So far today we have reviewed our bible memorization verses and learned a new one. Rhiannon wrote a letter to her grandparents and her cousin and was very excited to put stamps on them and get them ready to mail. Ciaran played with his animals and built a row of blocks all neat together. We read a chapter of "Little House in Big Woods" and had some time discussing Monet's works. I really enjoyed listening to them describe what they saw in each picture and then having them tell me what it should be called. Rhia recognized the reflection in Monet's Japenese Bridge at Giverny and Ciaran really like the table set in The Luncheon. We talked about colors and how the paintings made us feel.

We cleaned and did laundry and the kids were very excited to have a snack of chocolate chip cookies. This afternoon's agenda includes Rhia continuing her reading of Hop on Pop, Phonics blends, dress-up and playing in the snow. Roomba will finish my floors and I will take 15 minute breaks to clean. Ciaran can hardly wait until bedtime as he is excited to read the next chapter in his Frog and Toad book. All in all a nice way to spend a snowy Minnesota day.


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