January 1, 2004

First Drama... Well tonight the kids had their first public acting experience. We had a big New Year's Eve celebration at our church for families with small children and Serona was in charge of creating a short drama for the kids, the whole family participated, yes he even got me to take part!

Rhiannon and Serona were really the show - but Ciaran and I had little parts and Sirah joined us in the sling. Rhia was so excited and she did a really good job. They played a tired dad and a hyper kid and practiced counting down with Serona messing up and Rhiannon laughing and correcting him. They were very cute. Ciaran got to bang pots and pans together to wake up a sleeping dad and we finished up with a countdown and confetti poppers with a balloon drop. The kids had a grand time and they played their parts well. The rest of the party was great and our kids actually feel asleep within minutes of laying down (very unusual especially for Rhia) because they ran and jumped so much and played so hard.

The party was well put together - dinner and dessert than crafts (noisemakers and party hats), face painting, a variety of games and an inflated jumping air trampoline (which the kids loved) ending with the drama and a countdown. It was alot of fun and nice for the kids and to be with friends from church.

We are settling in to play some Gin Rummy and stay awake until midnight.


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