January 30, 2004

Oh What a Morning... I awoke at 5:30 to Serona's frustration with our faithful Australian Shepherd who had pooped throughout our living room on our nice new carpet. I got up to assist him in cleaning up the piles of this, what a way to start the day! There are now toilet paper markers throughout my living room so we can avoid all the spots and pray that the enzyme cleaner works to get it all up. I will need to schedule a carpet cleaning because I just keep thinking to myself - Sirah will be crawling on this carpet in not too long.

As if that was not enough - Serona's car is in the shop - so we are again a one car family. No biggie I have no need for the car - but unfortunately the dog does. Since he is obviously sick a visit to the vet (with three kids in tow) is in order so we now must drive Serona to work. We wake up all the children - who are NOT pleased to be getting up and dressed at this hour, but we have no choice as Serona has an important meeting early this morning.

So we pack into the van and drive him off to work. But our garage would not close it was so cold - so Serona got out in the cold to fight with it. The kids thankfully fell back asleep in the car under their blankets and all bundled up. Thankfully the heat works well in our car though it did still feel pretty cold since the actual air temperature is -23! Yes you read me right it is 23 degrees BELOW zero this morning BEFORE you factor in the wind chill! There are weather warnings that exposed skin will get frostbite. And oh did I mention that WITH the windchill it feels like -40 according to weather reports! Though honestly once it is below zero it is just cold period - I don't feel the degrees anymore, I just want to run inside and hide.

Well atleast we are home now in our nice warm house and it is worth the 200 heating bills, just like when we lived in Georgia it was worth the 300-400 dollar air conditioning bills! I can't imagine doing school right now. A video is on, I am going to figure out breakfast and how to keep the kids away from the "landmines" and keep the dog from having more accidents (I can't even leave him outside today), until we all bundle back up and head to the vet. Hope your day is starting off better!


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