January 30, 2004

CBS Homeschooling Report... Being a non-TV household I did not watch this morning's report, however there is a write-up of the story here.

It is not an earth shattering story, not much new here. It mostly has a positive light on homeschooling and talks about how there are many opportunities for homeschooled kids to do activities. The story also cites Dr Ray's research that you have all probably read about.

I blogged about it back in October. You can read more here.

Part of me just wonders when the "socialization" issue will go away. I'm not going to rehash the issue here again, but the reality is for MANY homeschoolers (ourselves included) the biggest issue is finding time to just stay home and school. There are endless opportunities for our kids and the large group of other kids they interact with.

I shouldn't complain, at least this is a step in the right direction for CBS. They are after all being positive about homeschooling and picturing the kids in a "normal" light (atleast on the web - I can't attest to the video segment). However, they still have a long way to go in my eyes to recover from "The Dark Side of Homeschooling excuse for journalism reports in October. Since my October archives beat this issue to death, I will leave it alone now.


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