January 29, 2004

Recent Activities... I've been a bit busy to blog through the days this week so I'll just recap some of my favorite moments. Rhiannon at snack time decided to make letters out of her pretzels by biting them into shape, she made C, J, r, t, o, f, e and l that I remember. We've been using our refrigerator magnets quite a bit, Rhia to practice reading and Ciaran to learn the sounds of the letters. We worked on our nursery rhymes and poems - we are up near twenty memorized and able to be recited now (even Ciaran has taken to this). Sirah is starting to babble more and using consonant sounds. Yesterday she made the d sound so I know she will say dada first like the other two. _Sigh_

Ciaran and I have played soccer and cars and snuggled together. We've started just talking more and he is so cute, I love his age. His tempers are back in check for the most part and I'm thankful to be over that recent stage. Rhia has been into making crafts and reading for the most part. I find that the time we spend on school these days is mostly focused on reading as that is where her interest is these days and she is burning through these Primary Phonics and Bob Books. Dr Suess still frustrates her as there are many more words that are not so easy to sound out or have more blends and long vowel sounds. I am still trying to build her confidence and gradually challenge her so the Primary Phonics and Bob Books work really well.

Singing and dancing is popular these days. Listening to Vivaldi a favorite and talking about Monet once or twice a week. Yesterday Rhiannon and I talked about Earth and the continents and oceans for science time and we just seem to work math into our days. Bible memorization is going well, it truly is amazing how much of a sponge they are now - they find it easier than I do. Play-doh is a favorite. I finally broke down and bought some - our homemade stuff was only lasting for a few weeks at a time and then it was VERY sticky! WE have a TON of cookie cutters and alphabet and number cutters that they can use to play with. I have been slow to bring the paint out in the new house - I admit it - I am much better about that in the spring and summer when cleanup is so much easier.

We of course have been reading - I'll try to get our list up later today. Lincoln log and block constructions have been a hit and Rhia has really taken to doll play recently (no barbie or polly pockets here though) and seems to be developing friendships with her dolls. The wintertime is also a time they get to watch more videos. As I type this Karen Henley's "Grow, Grow, Grow" is on. I really like her videos because they are interactive - the kids dance and sing and learn about God through them. Sometimes we also watch Veggie Tales or Little Bear. They are also more tolerable for us as adults.

Well I need to get to my responsibilities of the day.


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