April 6, 2004

Afternoon Activities

Yesterday in the afternoon we interspersed playing in the yard with a few other learning activities. Rhiannon did a few pages from her Phonics Pathways book and we continued with our short vowel drills. Then she read me a Bob Book and read some words off some flash cards. We worked on our bible memorization and I read her a few books around our XYZ theme of the next two weeks. She did two file folder games (counting money and matching words to pictures) while I played with Sirah. We also began working on telling time - she has the hour down pat - but the minutes is giving her some difficulty (I am thinking of printing out a clock with the number and then the amount that means next to it) and we will keep working on that. She also practiced writing lowercase x,y, and z.

Together Ciaran and Rhiannon played Nature Bingo, a Care Bear game (moving pieces to a matching die) and used their Leap Pad Imagination Desk for the letters X, Y and Z. The rest of the day was spent playing outside.

With temperatures expected to reach nearly 70 here today I believe we will be outside all day.


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