April 20, 2004

Starting Off S Week

It's been a good morning so far. We started with some phonics work in our library - while Ciaran and Sirah pulled books off the shelves to look at them. Rhiannon has come so far already - today she showed me that she has mastered blending three letter words with short vowel sounds - she no longer needs to sound most of them out.

We had some storytime this morning - each child picked two books and I picked some myself. Most centered around our S theme for the week. As we read we point out words and objects on the pages of the book that start with S. We read a few yesterday and spent the day pointing out words that started with s. Today we worked on our sound box- we collected toys and items from around the house that start with the letter S and put them into our book. Then throughout the week they can add things to the box and take some out saying what it is and what sound and letter it starts with. We went from room to room filling the box (we opted to not put the salt and sugar in from the kitchen! The kids really enjoy this activity and it does not take that long. It is a great springboard for the rest of the week as well.

We took some time to talk about hearts today - reading a book about children's hearts and looking at diagrams of hearts. Ciaran has his annual cardiologist appointment today - so we wanted to refresh his memory about what the tests entail and show him what his heart looked like. I will follow-up this lesson with a printout diagram from Enchanted Learning of the human heart and all the parts that make it up.

Rhiannon is working on her capital and lowercase S handwriting and when she finishes we will take a walk and see how many words we can find that start with the letter S. This evening we will work on our science project for our upcoming science fair.


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