April 27, 2004

OT: Ban Fisher Price

While not a fan of plastic toys - my kids do enjoy "The Little People" and accompanying accessories. I was highly disappointed to find out we will need to not purchase anything from Fisher Price and I will be
writing them a letter as I am outraged at their newest contest. According to Hedy Nuriel, LLLI's Executive Director:

Fisher Price is currently running a "Ready-Set-Grow" Sweepstakes on its US
web site. The fifteen prize packages include a six-week supply of formula
delivered directly to each winner's home.

If you would like to let Fisher Price know how you feel about this program,
send your emails to
Mattel. The contest closes
May 17th, 2004

To view the Sweepstakes web site, got to
Fisher Price.

Direct your letters to

Neil Friedman, President
Laurie Oravec, Director of Public Relations

Giving away free formula interferes with breastfeeding and encourages the use of artificial breastmilk instead of mother's best. Write and let them know how you feel.


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