April 9, 2004

Easter Crafts

Here are two easy and relatively quick easter crafts our kids enjoy.

Family Easter Cross
Trace each family members handprints on construction paper and cut out (using one color for each member)
Cut butcher block paper into two long strips and attach in the shape of a cross
Glue the handprints to the paper
Write on the handprints Easter 2004 (or corresponding year)
Glue to cardboard (we skip this step because i like to save them in our portfolios each year)

Bird's Nest

Cut two strips of construction paper
Roll together in a circle and staple so you have two rings (one for the head and one for the body)
Staple the rings together
Squish an opened paper lunch bag down to form nest
Glue the rings onto the nest and decorate with eyes, feathers, and a beak

Our kids did this one with their homeschool group and it was very easy and turns out cute.


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