April 20, 2004

Tripping Down Memory Lane

MusicMatch Artist on Demand has been wonderful overall for our family. We use the Composer on Demand function daily and it saves us money from buying a bunch of albulms. I listen to internet based radio all the time now, and our music selection is almost endless for friend's visits and parties. However, there has been an unanticipated downside: it is very easy to relive your past through this.

I don't know about you - but for me music is so representative of stages of my life and there are a lot of memories attached to certain songs and artists. I find myself late at night listening to really random and old bands to see if I still like them or to figure out why I ever liked them in the first place and sometimes it brings back floods of memories I had forgotten (or tried to at least). Music Match has a similar artist function which makes it easy to follow your trail and history. I had a wide variety of music interests over the years (sometimes at the same time). Some recent blasts and flops from the past I've listened to are (in no order):

The Eagles
Don Henley (I saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac)
Sophie B Hawkins
Belinda Carlisle
Fleewtood Mac (a nice now and again even now)
Gordon Lightfoot (reminded me why I liked him)
Van Morrison (still a favorite)
Billy Joel (You can take the girl out of NY but you can't take NY out of the girl)
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Bruce Springsteen
Counting Crows
James (still listen to him)
Pink Floyd (will always be a fav - own near complete collection)
Duran Duran (wild Boys Hungry Like the Wolf?)
Tears for Fears (real genius)
Genesis (Gabriel and Collins)
The Police
Van Halen (I know many don't think of 5150 as "real" but dreams is one of my favs)
Rush (still classic)
Suzanne Vega aka Luka
Leonard Cohen
Cat Stevens
Harry Chapin (cat's in the cradle has new meaning)
The Cure
The Smiths (still listen to Morrissey and we own many "There's a Light That Never Goes Out)
Violent Femmes
Billy Idol
A Ha (best video ever - of course i stopped wathing over 10 years ago)
Richard Marx
Night Ranger
Meatloaf (you're never gonna find a coup deville in the bottom of a cracker jax box)
Black Crowes
Grateful Dead
Beach Boys

I suppose I am giving my kids excellent "picking on me" grounds later in life. But it has beenn a fun stroll. Some I listened to for awhile - others went right off as I say "what was I thinking?" but mostly they brought back good memories

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