April 29, 2004

At the Library

I truly enjoy our weekly treks to the local library. The kids enjoy spending time picking out books and reading there and they also each get to play a computer game there that they enjoy. While they play and browse I search out the books for the following week. I enjoy being able to browse the sections of our children's section and we always leave with so many books I wonder how we can read them all - but we usually manage it somehow! I select majority of the books - but I allow each child to pick out three books of their own (with my approval) on anything they want. We also pick out an audio book for the car (current choices The Trumpet Swan by EB White and The Silver Chair by CS Lewis) and they may pick out a video every other week.

I love the variety that the library offers us and the ability to try out a wide variety of books. I also love our personal selection of favorite children's books that we come back to time and time again. Together it is a nice mix of books for our children and for me while they are still in the "Read to Me Mommy" stage. As I type this Ciaran is sitting in his bed "Reading" a family favorite "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do you See" by Eric Carle. He also plays a game with this book that we found here. It is designed to be a felt board kit but I printed them out and laminated them and he plays with them and loves it. Rhiannon also uses it when we read the Spanish version of the same book. Off to read more books.


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