April 16, 2004

Flower Shop Field Trip

Our homeschool group headed to a local flower shop for a fun field trip. On the trip the kids got to learn the history of the flower shop (seeing old pictures and learning stories about the founders and the way they built the business). They went into the main distribution center to see where the bouquets go to be shipped , they watched someone wrap up flowers for delivery, walked through the order center (where they take phone and computer orders), went into the freezer where they keep the flowers (here they learned about where the flowers come from and how they are kept until they are used and sent). We walked through the floral design room and watched many designers putting together a variety of bouquets and corsages. Each child on the tour got to plant their own impatient plant to take home and had a coloring sheet to bring with them. We ended the tour by walking through their wide variety of shops and ending in a gift shop (as all well planned tours do). I must admit to being surprised and impressed with Ciaran's behavior. He did very well through the entire tour, listening to directions and even paying attention and being quiet. It was a fun field trip and one I would recommend to others.


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