April 28, 2004

Simple Pleasures: How To Eat A Mango

The kids had a choice for dessert tonight between a mango or chocolate chip cookies. Surprise! They chose the mango! We surfed around online to try to find the best way to eat a mango. Of course we could have called our good friend who spent 3 years living in Africa and enjoying fresh mangos right off the tree. But it was not the most conveinant time to call I'm sure if she reads this she can correct our method and teach us the best way of eating mangoes.

We found this helpful website: How To Eat A Mango with the following directions for eating a mango:

"Slice the mango length ways close to the seed. Now cut that slice half way lengthwise. Now simply peel the skin back on either side of the slice with your fingers and teeth as you eat the pulp. Now repeat the process with the other side of the mango.

Now you are left with a mango with the two sides cut and eaten. Now simply peel the skin from around the mango and eat around the seed."

The kids thought this was a hoot and they took nturns eating the middle part very nicely - each had two of the sides and they even saved me the last bite! It was yummy and fun. Sweet and sticky perfect summer and apring treat for kids~


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