April 16, 2004

Zambia Lesson Plan

We read Zambia by Timothy Holmes this week. We actually only read pieces of it and discussed each of the pictures. My kids really liked the ones of children in slings. After that Serona took them down to the world map on the wall to show them where it was and then over to our globe to show them again.

They asked how long it would take to travel there and then Serona estimated a 16 hour plane ride. Since then we talked a little about why they want to visit and what they might see there. We have also been talking about Africa in general this week as we studied zebras and went to the zoo, so I was able to make some nice tie-ins.

Tomorrow we will look at the flag of Zambia and do some coloring sheets of African masks (they liked the one in the book) and trace the country's outline and practicing writing the name. A quick and easy lesson on a far away country with a simple book from the library and the wonderful resources of the "answer box."


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