April 5, 2004

Learning Through Play

We've had a good morning of combining play with learning. Rhiannon decided to make a picture book and some bookmarks for a friend. So she sat at her desk and drew the pictures- occasionally asking me to spell a word or two for her. While she did that Sirah crawled around on the floor and found a variety of things to put into her mouth. I have to remind myself this is how she is learning about her world (I just wish the smallest particles were not the most interesting to her) and not be exasperated. It is actually a lot of fun to watch her learning to crawl. Right now she has this fun crawl that we call a "bear crawl" she crawls on her hands and toes rather than her knees.

Meanwhile Ciaran and I had some special time to work together. First we put together his new Armadillo shaped puzzle I must admit this was a TOUGH puzzle (even I had a hard time with it at first). Then we played our wooden memory matching game for awhile - until we matched all the pairs. As he matched a pair we made the sound if it was an animal and said what letter and sound it started with. Next we played with our Wooden Pattern Puzzleboards. While he worked on this I played with Sirah on the floor while checking his work.

Next we put together his wooden magnetic ABC book. We did each letter and sound and the word together. Occasionally we added another word that started with the letter. He also decided to jump up and collect animals from his animal collection (museum style lifelike hard animals) any animal he had like the panda, and the monkey. Then the animals helped him find and match the pieces. Then he wanted to make a meal so he got out his wooden food cutting kit (ours is a combination of this set and another) and made us all a meal (while I played with Sirah and helped Rhiannon staple her book together).

We finished up our morning playtime with a frog stages of life puzzle . We really like these puzzles as they are challenging and fun. The puzzle is layered with four layers - each one showing a stage in the life development of the animal (we also have the butterfly). I was surprised that Ciaran can do them himself - but he is a determined boy and very good at puzzles.

Off for an afternoon filled with laundry.


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