April 6, 2004

Spring Mornings

We've spent most of the morning outside. The kids started the day outside playing on the swingset until they were cold. Inside for some Phonics Pathways work and playing a really cool opposites game Ciaran got for his birthday. You match two pieces of opposites (one side in English the other side in Spanish) to make a complete picture. I can easily adapt this game to challenge both of the children, since Rhiannon wants to learn Spanish.

Then it was outside again for some bike riding in the driveway. They rode for a long time until they had problems listening to directions - then we went for a nature walk. We went down a pathway near our house and went up and down some hills then ended up stopping by a waters edge to draw a picture in our nature notebooks. After that we headed to a nearby playground and they swung on a tire swing and went down a big slide until Sirah started complaining of the cold.

We headed home for a snack and some reading time. We read a cute Chinese legend on the origins of noodles and another story set in Japan. We read about Earth Day and discussed pollution, reducing, reusing and recycling. Rhiannon drew a map of our neighborhood on a whiteboard and then practiced drawing some of her lowercase letters in her workbook. Ciaran is keeping Sirah enthralled with the "gravity" game, she drops it and he picks it up again. Waffles with fruit for lunch and friends coming over to play this afternoon.

Over lunch Rhiannon sang "My Little Claddaugh Ring" and "When New York was Irish" by Andy Cooney. She also played with and taught Sirah nursery rhymes and fingerplays this morning. Some include: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Where is Thumbkin, Pat-a-cake, So big, This Little Piggy. It was alot of fun to see them play together.


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