April 8, 2004

Sirah's milestones

Yesterday was a big day for Sirah. I sat her on the floor in the playroom in a safe spot for her to crawl and left the room for just a minute to check on something. As I returned I found her standing! She had crawled over to a bookshelf and pulled herself up to standing. She was so proud of herself but could not figure out what to do next (thankfully she did not attempt to cruise yet) and I helped her sit down. She spent much of the day trying to pull herself up on whatever was available.

As if that was not enough to accomplish in one day, she figured out how to get off her back. I laid her down for a nap in our family bed and returned when I heard her awake. I found her sitting in the middle of the bed! She managed to roll over and sit herself up. Days of unattended napping in bed are over as well.

I forget all the milestones at this age. These past few weeks she has learned to crawl, roll, pull herself to standing and imitate sounds. I love watching her learn - though I guess we must admit it is time to babyproof.


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