April 1, 2004

Phonics Games

Last night we played some phonics games and had a good time. We play several different games with our floor alphabet mat - the big foam interlocking pieces one. We play an alphabet match game where I hand each of the kids small letter books that we have (uppercase on front, lowercase on back and several pictures that start with the letters as pages) and they have to put the book on the corresponding letter. Ciaran matches upper case and Rhiannon matches lowercase to uppercase. After all the letters have been matched they sing their ABC song while they clean them up and then put them in box. Another variation we play with this game is to take a variety of items and have them place them on the letter that matches the beginning or ending or vowel sound in the word.

Another game we play is Phonics Jumping. One way to play this is to make a sound and have them jump to the right letter. Another way we play is to say the letter and have them jump to it and make the sound. Still another way we play it is to say a word and then they have to jump to each letter in the word. Rhiannon especially enjoys this game.

Another game we play with this mat is color match - I have them jump to all the blue squares - or shout out a color and they need to jump there. This is especially nice when Ciaran is getting frustrated with all the phonics work - which is hard for him. It is nice for him to have something that is easy for him. Using the mat allows me to work with both of them at the same time and do things that are easy and hard for each of them. I can often lead two separate games - or modify the same game to meet both of their needs.


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