August 26, 2004


We had a good morning at the arboretum. We planned a day at home but the kids really wanted to go for a walk and there were some nice freebies at our arboretum so we decided to head over there for the morning.

We got quite a good walk in and the kids enjoyed looking at the treehouse exhibits. There are 12 artistic treehouses at the arboretum, many which are interactive for you to climb on or walk in. There was a worksheet you could use with a variety of leaves listed and you needed to say which leaf belonged to which kind of tree. Rhiannon and Ciaran really got into this.

Each of us had our favorite tree house. My favorite was the one that had many different rainbow silk scarves hanging down for you to walk through. It was beautiful and very fun to walk through. Ciaran's favorite was one that had a big black metal ladder wrapped around it that you could climb on. He also really liked the treehouse that was called TreeMan that you could climb into the head of the man. Rhiannon's favorite treehouse was a metal one that had a pathway that sparkled due to all the different color rocks/crystals they had. It shimmered like it was crystals and she really enjoyed being in that one. There was also a cool cotton maze one.

There were free donuts, bagels, coffee and juice and of course many beautiful flowers and trees. There was free literature, educational materials, temporary tattoos and books. After our walk came to an end we took a three mile drive to see some of the other sites. Some of their favorites from the drive include the crab apple trees, the hedges and the linden trees.

I was hesitant to go out this morning thinking it would be best to stay home, but I think getting out today was just what they needed. And we really did have a great time.



  1. I see...that is pretty cool. Home Schooled? Sometimes I wish I was...Selah!

  2. I would love to see those treehouses. We live in a remote forest... and just over the pass, in Oregon, there's a treehouse hotel. I've never heard of anything like what you went to though. I'd love to know where the arboretum is.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week from beginning to end! I love it.