August 22, 2004

Grandparent's Visit

Well the grandparents spent two weeks with us and we had a great time. They left on Saturday morning to many tears and well wishes. While they were here we played games, ate out and just spent lots of quality and quantity of time together!

We had a friend's birthday party from hs group and they rented one of those giant air jumper castles and the kids had a blast in it. Even Sirah and I toke a turn in there. It was hard work! We also visited the Berenstein Bears at our local library storytime. The kids had their picture taken with Mama Bear.

We have had a low key weekend here as we try to wind the kids down and distract them from missing their grandparents. I'm thinking we will delay starting school for a few more weeks to give the kids time to unwind and relax and enjoy these last nice days of summer.


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