August 4, 2004

The Juggler

No I am not talking about myself and my life responsibilities (though I often feel that way) I am talking about the show we went to see at our library today. We woke up this morning and had breakfast with our friends who slept over - the kids had some playtime this morning out in the yard - which mostly consisted of water, crickets, buckets and sand (what more can three young boys and one young girl ask for) and 4 messy kids.

When everyone was rounded up and cleaned our friends had to leave and we headed to the library for a juggling performance. The children enjoyed it - though according to them the magic shows were much better - I actually enjoyed this one more (but then again I am not 5 or 3). Their favorite parts of the show where when he juggled a baseball bat with devils sticks and balanced something on his nose and when he juggled a bowling ball. His demeanor was very good with the kids and he was enjoyable to watch.

After the show we headed over to get some books and the children's section was jam packed - as we have enough books at home I encouraged them each to just pick out a movie and we would head out and come back when it was not so crowded. I love the public library and we use it all the time - but I sometimes find the summers frustrating as the library can be very crowded and the shelves are often wiped out. This is a good thing I need to constantly remind myself. But part of me can't wait until everyone else goes back to school and we can get back into our own library routine. The good thing about the summer though is that most often the children and/or their parents are busy checking out books like Clifford and other TV in a book type books that they skip over and leave some of the great older gems that we enjoy like "Blueberries for Sal", "Make Way for Ducklings" and "The Little House" and other books that don't look as flashy but have great content, illustrations and lessons.

I must admit I am impressed with our local library. Though the children's section is not that large they have really worked on quality. Their children's storybooks are very good - I can almost always find any classic storybook that I am looking for - if it is not in I can reserve it and very rarely am I unable to find what I am looking for in terms of children's fiction. Their non-fiction section is not as extensive and I often find myself making trips to another county's library to get what I want. Thankfully we live in a great area for public libraries and I have so much at my fingertips.


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