August 31, 2004

Tuesday Log

Today I woke up feeling lousy - I think I caught the kids cold. I stumbled out bed and put movies on for the kids until breakfast time and then I called a friend. It is wonderful to have the kind of friend who just hears your voice and says "What's wrong?" and then says "I can be there in 15 minutes to pick up your kids" The dear friend was a lifesaver today - she picked up the kids and I crawled back into bed pulled the covers over my head and took a nearly 4 hour nap! It was wonderful and I think I was able to kick whatever was forming in my system and prevent it from taking hold.

After picking up the kids, who had a great time and made me get well cards I took the kids out for dinner and custard. We had a nice time. I bumped into a friend there and we were both rather embarrassed to see each other there as neither of us usually gives our family fast food and we know each other from an organization that promotes healthy and whole eating. We just kind of laughed about it.

We headed home and then took the kids on a nature walk to our local pond. I was quite a site with the three kids and two dogs - but we had a good time. Even Sirah got out of her stroller for awhile and walked. It was very cute Ciaran held her hand as she walked along the path - up a big hill. Rhiannon was walking the puppy and I was pushing an empty stroller and being pulled along by our two year old Aussie!

We turned the pond into a science and art lesson. We talked about the different animals, insects and plants we saw. We talked about frogs and crickets and then the kids each picked something to draw in their nature notebooks while Sirah and I explored the pond together.

Then a long storytime and bed. Rhiannon was having a hard time sleeping so I pulled her out of bed and we headed downstairs to the library for some one on one lesson time. We alternated picking subjects to do. She chose art first and we used our Usborne Drawing Animals book and she learned how to draw polar bears.

Then I chose "First Language Lessons" by Jesse Wise and we talked about nouns. She also recited a short poem she memorized and picked out the nouns in it. She recited the poem to her stuffed dog (she though this was very goofy) and then to me. Then I had her illustrate the poem we talked about what an illustrator does and then I read the poem to her slowly line by line so she could illustrate it. She really enjoyed this and I think it was an excellent exercise. Then Serona called and she recited it to him over the phone.

She finished the evening with handwriting practice (her choice) she focused on Upper and lowercase A. Then she said she was tired (finally at 10:30pm) and headed up to bed. I came upstairs shortly after and found her asleep under and on top of books - I pulled 18 storybooks out of her bed!

It turned into a good and fun day.


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