August 30, 2004

Family Games and Movies

The kids are getting old enough now where we are trying to have more specific family nights all together (atleast once a week). We had one of those nights last night. We ordered pizza and rented movies and watched them while the kids had a picnic on a blanket in front of the TV. Even Sirah joined in and sat with them with her own little plate this time.

After the movie we cleaned up our dishes and leftovers and headed into the library to play a game. One of my favorite memories of growing up was playing board games all together as a family and I want to give my kids that same memory. Of course I must admit I will be more excited when they are older and we can enjoy games I enjoy more - but for now we can play kids games so they learn and have fun and are interested.

Last night we played Trouble - which I remember playing myself as a kid. We modified the rules a a bit and did not play that you could knock one another back to start - we started playing at nearly 8pm and I did not want it to last all night. The kids had a good time and we learned about counting and direction and taking turns and being patient and respectful and being happy for someone else when they win even when we don't. Ciaran won what turned out to be a tight finish and I must admit to being proud of Rhiannon - she got very excited for him, clapped and gave him a high five. It was a pleasant and surprising reaction. It showed me she is starting to mature more.

I enjoyed having family time even though it is more challenging now. While we played we took turn holding sirah and replacing all the books she took off the shelves. We took potty breaks and had to repeat the rules many times but it was all worth it and a great time was had by all.


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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Sounds like you guys had a good time! We really enjoy our family time. We try to have something each Tuesday. I haven't played Trouble in years though!-M