August 16, 2004

Manchurian Candidate

My parents gave us the gift of a date over the weekend. We went out to eat at a nearby Mexican restuarant we both enjoy and then headed off to the movies. We actually had a rare thing occur -we both wanted to see the same movie as our first choice. As our taste is usually quite different this was refreshing and we decided right away we would go see the Manchurian Candidate. After waiting in one theater for awhile and then being told their projector broke ! we headed off to another theater to catch a late showing of the film.

I enjoyed it - it was different from what I expected. I enjoyed the storyline - however I felt it was at times unneccesarily graphic. I do not enjoy violence in movies and I had to turn away from the movie several times. Perhaps many of you may not feel the same but I am particularly sensitive to violence in film. The storyline was good - if not predictable. I enjoy the cast and was pleasently surprised by Meryl Streep's performance (I don't typically enjoy her) she really played her role quite well. I would recommend it - especially if you are at all politically inclined. We look forward to seeing the original and comparing them. Though I will guess now that I will enjoy the original better as I usually prefer classics to contemporary films.


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