August 9, 2004


Well it was a busy one. Serona returned from Mexico late Friday night. Saturday we headed out to get a free entertainment center that we will need to refinish. I am just excited that it has doors that cover the TV set - hoping the whole out of sight, out of mind philosophy will work here. That evening Serona did a drama at our church and then we spent some time together that evening as a family and then as a couple. Sunday we went to church and then headed over to the bookstore. Here I had a mommy moment as Ciaran (still working on potty training) had an accident all over the floor in the kids section. Here I am with Sirah in the sling and the other two kids in tow approaching the manager to ask for towels and a mop. We cleaned it up and headed out. I kept my cool and comforted Ciaran even as I was cleaning up his mess.

Then we headed over to pick up the newest member of our family. Another Australian Shepherd puppy - she is 7 weeks old and just beautiful. We spent the afternoon helping her get used to our yard, home, kids and other Aussie (now 2 years old) and just playing with her. Serona mowed the lawn and put a post in cement to finally hang our hammockk up again! YAY!
It was a busy and fun weekend. Grandma and Grandpa are here for a visit from New York this week so activity will be high and blogging will be slow. Though I need to add it was exciting to get a box from Alibris today - my new Well Trained Mind came (can't wait to reread it and see the new additions) and some Bob books. Still waiting for my Sound Box books, My Thank You Bible, and the grammer book we are going to try as well as our Miquon math.


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