August 5, 2004

Day at the Park

We met our homeschool group at a playground this morning for some free playtime. It was an enjoyable time. The playground was very nice - it had a lot of shaded areas (which for some reason is unusual) including some big canvas tarps they placed over the center of several play structures and some nice tree shade. It was refreshing to see that the kids had some more protection from the sun.

I love my homeschool support group moms - they are always there for me - to listen to me - to support me and to help me. They know that I am there for them to as well. Lately they have certainly been doing more of the supporting as life with 3 kids 5 and under can be busy - especially during those times when Serona is away and we have no family support nearby. Even just talking to them on the phone offers me the support that I need.

The kids ran around and played the morning away - Sirah seems so much older now that she is walking around the playground herself and I am now torn in three separate directions instead of the usual 2. Sirah loved the swings and kept trying to walk into the path of them - she was also trying to climb up a cement incline that to her must have been like climbing a mountain. She is such a good walker - but she looks so tiny.

We left our parktime a little early to make it to another friends birthday party. Rarely do we double schedule like this - but I wanted the kids to have the opportunity for both of these activities so we rushed a bit more than I like. The kids were a bit disappointed as other members of the homeschool group were going to the beach at the park to play in the water - but the promise of cake and painting had them more willing to head into the car and off to the birthday party.


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