August 2, 2004


It appears we have moved beyond frog collection to crickets. The children have been collecting crickets every day for about a week now. One day they probably caught 20 plus between the two of them in our yard. I have been firm about not bringing them in the house, the last thing I want at night time. It passes the time for them and they do enjoy themselves. It allows me to stay inside with Sirah in the air conditioning or up on the deck with our screened shade room while they play outside and enjoy themselves. They enjoy bringing them up to show me and putting them in various collection jars or bags to examine them.

So far I have managed the summer without touching crickets, worms, frogs or anything of the like - though they have touched many. At first it took some stretching on my part to just let them be kids and examine and explore the world in such a hands on way - now I just accept it as a part of everyday life here.

Our summer hiatus is coming to a close as I start to pull things together for the school year - I think we will start mid September as we have a visit from the grandparents coming at the end of August and they always need a few weeks to get back to normal life after the joy of those visits.

So we will enjoy a few more days of summer, collecting crickets, jumpy guys, walks, bike rides to the library and of course reading before we settle into some more formal work.


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  1. As long as they don't put them in their mouths, right? :-)