August 5, 2004

In Rhiannon's words


I've missed you and I'm longing for you to come home dad. Have you got much done? What kind of animals have you seen? Why does a zebra have it's stripes?

We went to a juggler named Bill which I did not like. You never get tired of doing this. There's nothing more ridiculous than that juggler. I thought it was funny.

We had our friends sleep over. We were praying for you all the time. I wrote on paper today. I played whiskers.

Grandma and Grandpa,
We had a great week and I hope you are safe coming here. I miss you and I love you. I hope you have a great time. Could you bring me out a little trampoline for inside the house when you are here?

Dear Red (uncle's friend),
I hope you have had a great time. I hope you'll be able to come over again - all of you. I hope that you could get here safely in the plane and not have any accidents or anything.

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