August 16, 2004

First Birthday Party

We celebrated Sirah's first birthday yesterday with a party of friends and family. It was nice to have my parents here to enjoy the day with us. We also had some friends from church and our homeschool group join us. She seemed to enjoy herself. We placed the cake in front of her and she was not too sure about it and never really warmed up to it - she liked sticking her arm and elbow in it and she seemed to enjoy when we sang to her - but was not too fond of the taste of cake. We then gave her a brownie and that she really enjoyed!

She wore her flower crown that Serona made. I love this tradition we started in our family. Each year we make each child a flower crown for their birthday - sometimes they only have patience enough to wear it during cake and pictures (Sirah this year) othertimes they want to wear it all the time (Rhiannon's 4th birthday party). Either way it is worth the effort of making it. each year we collect flowers (sometimes from the neighborhood, sometimes from the florist, or a combination of the two) and then mix and match them and wind them onto a homemade crown - the children get to wear it at sometime during their party - always for cake and singing and then we save them and dry them out over our kitchen sink and then store them. It is a beautiful tradition and a simple one that everyone enjoys.

Her birthday was fun and she received many wonderful gifts including: board books, educational books, little care bear dolls, a Jesus puppet, a ball, soft plush toys, some wooden toys, some new cartridges for her Music Blocks Composer that she adores, her first Microsoft toy (an Intelli-table) and a baby doll.

She is a wonderful little girl, walking all around and charming everyone with her red hair and big smiles. She is becoming more opinionated and learning to express those opinions. She has a very cheery disposition and a fiery temper. She is a joy to be with even though she is a night owl with a typical bedtime of nearly 1am. We enjoy spending our days with her and celebrating our first year with her.



  1. Happy Birthday, Sirah! Congratulations on the first year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

    What a wonderful tradition.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sirah! Can't believe my little one is close behind!

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    We had so much fun! She was adorable and I agree with her on the chocolate thing.-M