August 14, 2004

Grandparents Visit

This week seems to have flown by. My parents are visiting here from New York and we all have been enjoying their visit. They arrived on Monday and we had a relaxing evening at home together. Tuesday passed by as we enjoyed the day together and then Serona returned from a business trip he was on in New Jersey. We spent Wenesday running some errands including a visit to the library. Sirah got some special time with Grandpa here as she brought him all the puppets on display one at a time and just enjoyed playing with him. Rhiannon and Grandpa put on several shows which including Grandpa dressing up as the king - crown, cape and all.

Thursday we had a birthday at the park for a hs group - Sirah and grandpa played together for awhile, he let her go on the slide, play in the woodchips and just walk all around exploring with him. I took over with her and Ciaran took Grandpa on an adventure for the rest of the time. They went looking for frogs of course, though they did not catch any. They found several grasshoppers and followed a little bird around for awhile. They explored the beach, the shoreline, the woods and the nearby docks and boat launch. Grandpa was content to just follow Ciaran and let him take the lead - both seemed to really enjoy themselves.

We've had several fun meals together and have eaten out several times. The kids have impressed us with their good behavior during this unusual time even as their schedules and normal habits get disrupted (for far more fun activities) and they sometimes go without quiet time and naps and stay up late - but they are really enjoying the time.

Friday we spent the day at the zoo and had a blast. The kids enjoyed taking grandma and grandpa to see all their favorite places at the zoo. We did some special things we don't normally do - like ride a camel and go in the butterfly garden. They really seemed to like the camel ride - I thought Ciaran would be worried but it ended up that Rhiannon had some more resistance - in the end they both did it and had fun. We have some cute pictures as well. I'll post about the butterfly garden seperately.

We spent the entire day at the zoo, had lunch, treats and souveners and saw many animals and even the bird show. We had perfect weather and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We stayed so long we missed rush hour traffic on the return and had a late dinner. Looking forward to an enjoyable weekend together.


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