August 2, 2004

Trampolines and Friends

We spent the morning at a friends house. The kids enjoyed playing outside in their yard on their play sets and running through their yard. We enjoyed the fence as we could sit inside the house and watch the kids play from the comfort of the couch and the airconditioning while the little ones played on the floor nearby.

We had lunch together and just enjoyed each others company. I enjoy being with this family as I have watched the children grow up since the oldest was 3 months old and knew the younger two since they were days old.

These friends lent us their indoor trampoline as I asked if her kids enjoy it. She said they did and why don't I borrow it to see how my kids would feel about it. I did and my kids love it! They would not get off the thing. They are certainly jumping out energy as well as performing and using it as a stage and Sirah is practicing climbing up and down on it. I may have to consider getting them one - just wish they were not so expensive - even the little ones are quite pricey.

Well we will enjoy it while we have it and praise God for the generosity of friends.


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