August 5, 2004

A Messy Birthday

We just returned from a great birthday party. One of the children's friends turned 3 today and she had a great party. The kids all had pizza and limeade first and then went out into their driveway and lawn where there were stations set up. There was paint, slime, playdough, fingerpaint, markers, crayons, anything a child could want to make a creative mess with. Some kids made paper airplanes and there was face painting and silly string. They had a great time and amazingly did not get as messy as I imagined.

They had cupcakes and each child received a plain cupcake and two giant scoops of vanilla and chocolate frosting and then passed around bottles of sprinkles - each had their own little plastic knife - it was fun to watch the kids eat. One little girl kept spreading frosting on top of her cake then eating it off and then starting the process over again, another child just spooned into the frosting. It was a clever idea and they all enjoyed themselves.

Rhiannon has a good friend who was the older brother of the birthday girl. Her relationship with this little boy is very interesting. They met when they were about 18 months old and have been the best of friends since. The interesting part about it is they rarely see each other. - but they have this amazing connection that has lasted over the years. The mother and I get along very well but it seems our schedules rarely collide and we often go months at a time without seeing each other - the last time the kids saw one another was probably nearly 4 months ago and before then almost 8 months - yet she still talks about this little boy and she still says she is going to marry him and the minute they are together they are inseparable. It is a very interesting relationship to watch and it has always been that way and has never been that way with another one of her friends.

Rhiannon has many friends and she gets along with many different children and is close to several of them. She often changes who she plays with even within the same group of kids - but this little boy seems to have always held a special place in her heart. Luckily Ciaran gets along well with his little sister (the birthday girl) and we moms like one another.

Anyway the party was a great success and a good way to spend an afternoon. They are having quiet and naptime now and I need to figure out how to pass the time when they wake up and burn off some of that energy.


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