August 25, 2004

Ciaran and Sirah's Time

After Rhia and I worked on her lessons she watched Hans Christian Anderson while Ciaran and I played and worked together. First we used our pegboard and worked on matching colors. Then we counted the pegs working on one to one correspondence up to 10 and counting to 25. Then we played with tangrams and made pictures with them and matched them to diagrams for awhile. He made a rabbit, boat and train. Then we played with our wooden food and he practiced cutting and naming the different fruits and vegetables and which was a fruit and which was a vegetable.

Sirah and I played with her Eintein Music blocks and with a variety of our play animals and puppets. She also liked playing with the letters from our letter mat and reading some books. She sat on my lap and played with her rainbow stacker and then played food with Ciaran and I for awhile.

We read several books today including quite a few chapters from "The Wizard of Oz", Amigo and Amelia Bedilia. We listened to Vivaldi and we just played together. It was a good day.


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